Naked Sushi - Nyotaimori

Naked Sushi

Nyotaimori (女体盛り) - "Adorned body of woman"
(rough translation)

nyo (女) - woman
tai (体) - body
mori (盛り) - helping, plateful serving, arrangement


Nyotaimori is a well-accepted and practiced tradition in Japan. It is recognized as an art form in Japan and has been part of the Geisha culture dating back hundreds of years.

It is based on the idea that sushi is made to delight the eyes as well as the palate. Sushi making is an art form and an artful presentation is the goal.

Tokyo is world famous for this type of dinner theatre and art practice.

The practice, which has spread in a 'bastardized version' to Los Angeles and New York, involves placing sushi on clear plastic wrap over the torso of a model wearing little more than a thong and a few strategically placed flower petals. Not exactly the original intention of the art.

The Japanese combine food and art seamlessly as each dining experience is more than just a meal it is an all encompassing sensual experience.

Sushi is an art itself. So presenting tiny works of art on such an obvious masterpiece as a womans body makes complete sense. For these events we can provide either a male or female model or both! ... politically correct!


The deeper meaning can perhaps be construed as woman nurturing man and woman. As infants, we all feed at our mothers breast. Perhaps the act of coming to a womans body to have ones hunger satiated is based somewhere deep in our subconscious. Woman = Gratification


Since making its way to Western culture, nyotaimori has attracted a lot of attention by ways of women protestors. The consensus is that using womens bodies to act as serving tools or stations is dehumanizing.


Although not set in stone, there are several rules that are mandatory at nyotaimori gatherings. They are as follows: